Facts About Smartphones You Probably Don’t Know

Everyone nowadays is addicted to smartphones even if you are unaware of its beneficial sides. Other than the average usage for communication, only a few of us are well aware of smartphones and the powerful technology they are in their hands.

Here are few surprising facts about that thing you whip out hundreds of times a day;

  1. Evolution from Macro-Tech to Micro-Tech

Ever thought about the evolution of smartphones? It all started with an invention of the giant computer that almost occupied an entire room. It was named as ENIAC, capable of making 385 calculations per second. Now, the smartphone in your hands works at the speed of 72 million ENIACs working together. Imagine the power of Nano-tech shortly. Yeah! Buying outright phones is fun! But you need to get any of the best phone plans to utilize it to the fullest.

  1. Future Smart Satellites

Are you aware of the fact that your smartphone features a highly efficient and low-cost solution to the world of technology? With all the brilliant features, from multiple accelerometers, radio receivers and motion sensors to GPS tracking everything is great tech and is cost effective.

All such applications are required in modern satellites, but those are highly expensive. That is why in 2009 NASA reported Project Phoneset, which focuses on implantation of smartphones instead of onboard computers of satellites. So, to say, you are dealing with one of the NASA gadgets, the future smart satellites, in your daily life.

Your smart little gadget which is 99% at your fingertips is a future satellite!

If you are looking for outright phones to buy, it may a good motivation for it.

  1. Smart-Tech Disorders

With the advancement in nanotechnology, you can communicate better making the world a Global village. We can explore far beyond the limit of what we call life, but despite all research, you are getting addicted to these tech devices. Everything too beneficial is dangerous for one’s health!

Headaches, eyesight issues, insomnia, anxiety, confusion and a list of psychological disorders are increasing with the popularity of smartphones. Nomophobia, frigophobia, ringxiety, and telephonophobia are just a few of these disorders, and interestingly people are unaware of these disorders.

Moreover, what about having a look at some crazy random tech-facts;

  1. How much can you pay for the world’s costliest smartphone? It costs $15 million and has 24-carat gold and 600 white diamonds. Can you afford this lavish iPhone 5 Black Diamond, even in your dreams?
  2. How much you spend on your monthly smartphone bill? Celina Aarons of Florida was charged 142,000 pounds.
  3. 90% of text messages are read in the duration of 3 minutes.
  4. China manufactures 70% of the world’s mobile phones while Japan features 90% of the world’s waterproof smartphones.
  5. Around 4 billion people own mobile phones while only 3.5 billion use a toothbrush. That leaves you to wonder why the 0.5 billion people are not brushing their teeth but still have a sense of using high-tech devices? Or, is it the fact that kids are introduced to smartphones before they start using toothbrushes!

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